About us

The Cancer Treatment Screening Facility (CTSF) is a core facility of the Erasmus Medical Center Cancer Institute. It provides technical and scientific support for functional screening assays including high-throughput, high-content drug, gene-knockout/down and or cDNA live cell screens. Experiments within the facility are performed in close collaboration with researchers to take full advantage of the available technology and optimize scientific output.

Expertise on quantitative imaging and image analysis is guaranteed by the close collaboration with the Erasmus Optical Imaging Centre (OIC) and the Biomedical Imaging Group Rotterdam (BIGR). Data storage and management is organized in collaboration with the Computational Cancer Biology Center (CCBC).


  • Technical and scientific support the HCS assay design.
  • Perform high-content/high throughput imaging on the Opera Phenix system.
  • Temporarily store the data (in close collaboration with the CCBC).
  • HCS image analysis (in close collaboration with the OIC and the BIGR).
  • Assist in data analysis using the available data management software.
  • Perform meta analysis of the collected HCS data (in close collaboration with the BIGR and CCBC).